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Crafting Sweet Moments Since Inception

With years of expertise in sourcing premium Yemeni honey, we bring you the best of this ancient tradition. Our experience ensures that you receive the highest quality honey, rich in flavour and health benefits.

Our dedicated team at Joodyh is made up of honey enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing the wonders of Yemeni honey. From beekeepers to customer service, we are committed to delivering excellence.

Why Choose Joodyh

Unlocking Joodyh’s Unique Offerings


Direct From Yemen

Directly sourced from Yemeni beekeepers, ensuring authenticity and purity.


Uncompromised Purity

Unprocessed and unfiltered honey to retain all the natural goodness and health benefits.


Unmatched Flavour Profiles

Wide selection of Yemeni honey varieties to satisfy every taste palate.

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Join the Joodyh community today and savour the taste of pure Yemeni honey straight from its origins.

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