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Our Promise

Why Choose Joodyh for Your Honey Needs


Pure Quality

We guarantee the finest unprocessed and unfiltered Yemeni honey direct from the source.


Authentic Taste

Indulge in the unique flavours of Yemeni honey known for its rich and natural profiles.


Traditional Sourcing

We honour ancient beekeeping traditions to bring you the purest honey from Yemen’s valleys and mountains.

Our Story

Crafting Sweet Moments Since Inception

Joodyh was born out of a passion for sharing the centuries-old Yemeni honey heritage with the world.

Our Selection

Explore Our Range of Yemeni Honey Varieties

Sidr Honey

Exquisite floral notes

Sumar Honey

Robust and earthy flavors

Yemeni Honeycomb

Pure honey in its natural form

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What Our Customers Say

Why Choose Joodyh

Unlocking Joodyh’s Unique Offerings

Experience the exceptional qualities that set Joodyh apart in the world of Yemeni honey.

Direct From Yemen
Uncompromised Purity
Unmatched Flavour Profiles

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Join the Joodyh community today and savour the taste of pure Yemeni honey straight from its origins.

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